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Dani Rybicki, ThedaCare employee, standing in front of ThedaStar

Inspired to Uplift

Meet Dani

Flight Nurse. Marathoner. Mental Health Advocate.

Though flight nurse Dani Rybicki cares for patients facing trauma, she finds hope, even in the hard days. Her job is a constant reminder of how precious life really is — a value she’s passionate about sharing with others. Volunteering with youth organizations like Sources of Strength and running marathons to support mental health initiatives, Dani empowers others to stay mentally strong and prepared for the future.

Watch Dani’s Inspired To Story

Dani and the ThedaStar expert air medical team stand by to provide emergency medical transport services for critically ill and injured patients across our region. Learn more about ThedaStar and the life-saving difference they make.

Inspiration Starts Here

Dani is one of the 7,000 team members at ThedaCare who are inspired to create a healthier future for all of us. Whether you’re just beginning your career in health care or you have a wealth of experience, your next opportunity awaits at ThedaCare.