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Woman wearing mask and making heart sign through window

Interpreter Services

We offer industry-leading interpreting services to ensure everyone fully understands their care options.

Clear communication is critical in determining the right course of care. ThedaCare provides access to expert interpreters with experience in medical interpreting, including video, audio and in-person interpretation. Our interpreters are highly qualified and certified with knowledge of the medical community.

Services are available for those who speak languages other than English including Chinese, French, Hmong and Spanish.

ThedaCare partners with industry leader, Martti (My Accessible Real Time Interpreter) for language and hearing impaired interpreting services. Martti focuses on the patient experience and makes it possible to receive the quality care you need in your own language. With the help of a dedicated team of qualified interpreters and the technology of video medical interpreting, you can explain your health concern in your own words and be certain your doctor or nurse understands as clearly or completely as possible, regardless of language or cultural differences.

Martti helps patients feel understood and allows healthcare providers to care for most patients quickly and confidently. With Martti, we don’t waste patients’ or providers’ time searching for the right interpreter. We can get right to caring for our patients.

Fawn Rogers, Special Projects Coordinator & Trainer, Martti