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EpicCare Link

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We’re pleased to offer EpicCare Link, a web-based application for connecting ThedaCare patients’ electronic health record (EHR) to community practices. Through EpicCare Link, community users have secure access to selected patient information in our Epic data repository. This improves the continuity of patient care in our community.

Continuity provides many benefits for our shared patients, including the following:

  • A more transparent flow of information between providers
  • An easier process for external physicians placing referrals and orders to ThedaCare
  • Community clinic access to review the patient’s chart for coding and following up on claims
  • Coordination of social services outside of ThedaCare

EpicCare Link helps ThedaCare share patient information with providers who don’t use the same EHR platform, including:

  • Community-based organizations such as schools, shelters and nonprofits
  • Long- and short-term care and skilled nursing facilities
  • Affiliate providers and care managers who use other EHRs
  • Third-party billing
  • Payors
  • Emergency care

EpicCare Link is not an EHR solution. Instead, it is a mostly read-only application with a few service-oriented features, such as procedure and referral order entry. The application is secure and easy for end users who might need web portal access to patient data within the Epic organization’s system. 


Getting Started

1. Application

Apply for access to the ThedaCare EpicCare Link by calling our Health Information Management office at (920) 454-5538 (Option #4 for Epic Link Access requests). We’ll take your information and present it to a review committee for vetting of the request.

2. Approval

Once approved, you’ll receive a welcome email with the required forms for implementation, including an EpicCare Link Access Agreement, a site contract with ThedaCare required for access to our Epic patient charts.

3. Site admin selection

You will need to designate at least one person to act as your location’s Link Site Admin. Their main responsibilities are:

  • Managing your Link user list
  • Requesting new users
  • Deactivating users
  • Providing training for new Link staff
  • Acting as communication liaison for the ThedaCare EpicCare Link analyst

4. Implementation

You’ll receive user login credentials to the designated Link Site Admin via encrypted email. You can also take part in a remote training session.


Logging In

  • Open a web browser and enter the URL
  • Enter user ID and password
  • Select a two-factor authentication method during the first login session: 
    • Mobile app (Epic Authenticator)
    • Text message
    • Email