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Primary Care

Helping manage the health of you and your family.

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Your Partner For A Healthier Life

A primary care provider (PCP) is the person who helps you manage your overall health. This provider can be a doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant, who works as part of a greater care team to help you manage your health. No matter his or her credentials, it’s your relationship that matters. Over time, your PCP comes to know you and the factors in your life that affect your overall physical and mental health. Your PCP will most often see you for:

  • Regular physical exams
  • Prescription of medications
  • Treatment of minor illness and injury
  • Chronic disease management
  • Health screenings for common health problems

Types of Primary Care Providers

At ThedaCare, we believe every person deserves to have a primary care provider. Depending on your stage of life or health status, there are different kinds of primary care providers. They may include both doctors and mid-level providers like nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

Family Medicine

A family medicine provider takes care of people of all ages, from tiny babies to the elderly. Our providers come to understand your entire family’s needs, taking into account your unique background and life experiences. Family medicine is a good choice for busy parents who want to manage their appointments and questions through one care team.

Family Medicine with Obstetrics

In addition to family medicine, these providers care for pregnant women and deliver babies. We are fortunate to have these full-scope providers in several clinics in our service area. Expectant mothers can continue their relationship with a doctor they know and attend their prenatal appointments—and deliver their babies—closer to home.


A pediatrician cares for children from birth through early adulthood. They understand developmental milestones that help keep young people on track toward a healthy future. A pediatrics care team excels at communicating with parents, managing early childhood vaccination schedules and well-child check-ups, and helping children feel safe and comfortable during their appointments.

Internal Medicine

Often called internists, internal medicine providers care for adults from early adulthood though old age. They are skilled in balancing a person’s preventive health care and complex disease management of conditions that generally affect adults, like diabetes or high blood pressure. Internists help patients remove or reduce their barriers to wellness.

Why Primary Care?

Primary Care Patients Live Healthier Lives

Research shows people with primary care providers are significantly more likely to fill their prescriptions, receive preventive care, and complete more high-value screenings like mammograms and colonoscopies.[1] This means:

  • Primary care patients are more likely to take their medications as instructed.
  • They are more likely to catch disease progression at early stages and start treatment.
  • If they have questions or concerns about their physical or emotional health, they have an available, trusted health care team to help them find answers and solutions.

When people have consistent care and communication from their health care providers, their access to health care and their overall experience is better.

  • They spend less time waiting for care. Help is just a phone call or e-message away.
  • Their health care providers are more likely to know them from previous visits and have access to the person’s background information.
  • They save time and money. They are more likely to access the appropriate level of care, like a clinic appointment or urgent care visit instead of an ER visit.
  • Communication is clear and efficient. All of a person’s medical records are kept in one encrypted digital file that is sharable with other providers and specialists as needed via MyThedaCare.

[1] Why do you need a primary care physician? Peter Gonzalez, MD, Harvard Health Publishing, Harvard Medical School

ThedaCare Invests in Population Health

Population health involves analyzing digital patient data for a given group of people based on demographics or geographic location. This data never includes individual patient identities, but the information as a whole helps point to health trends that are affecting people at a community level, such as lack of access to fresh food, narcotics abuse, or childhood obesity. When we identify these trends early, we can all work together to help address these problems. ThedaCare primary care providers are on the front lines of population health care for individuals and the communities in which they work and live.

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What Does it Mean to Have a Medical Home?

A medical home is a place where patients can receive comprehensive health care “under one roof.” As a health care network, we are making strides to provide services like behavioral health, cancer care, and lab and imaging services in more places where our patients receive primary care. ThedaCare primary care providers are the drivers of this patient-centered care.

  • Providers get to know one another. They are often on site together and can more easily collaborate on a patient’s care.
  • There is less running. You do not need to return for as many visits because you can schedule more than one appointment on a given day, or be immediately referred to another provider while you are still on site at the clinic.
  • It’s straightforward. When you need treatment or advice, there is less waiting and wondering. There are fewer delays between phone calls, messages and multiple appointments.
  • We are always connected. Through your confidential online health care portal, MyThedaCare, our primary care teams readily respond to patients’ questions and requests for appointments, prescriptions refills, and referrals, and test results are posted online for timely access.

Access & Care

ThedaCare offers a number of flexible and convenient options for meeting with your primary care team, from in-person to virtual appointments and more. Choose the method of care that best fits your schedule and preferences.

We appreciate all that we have here for a small town—the quality service, the genuine care, modern equipment and all our records up to date. We've become close with all the staff who make sure we enjoy a good quality of life here.

Ron and Ruth
Berlin, WI