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Community Health Action Teams

Advocating for healthier, stronger communities

CHAT Community Health Action Teams

Since 2001, ThedaCare has organized Community Health Action Teams (CHAT Teams) to help guide local community health work in each of our hospital markets. These CHAT Teams, comprised of community leaders and those with experience across all sectors (government, public health, business, education, healthcare, philanthropy, non-profit, faith), help make sense of local health improvement opportunities and co-create innovative solutions for positive change.

At the heart of CHAT is an event called a “plunge,” a day-long field trip into the heart of the community to learn firsthand from those most affected by the health issue being studied. ThedaCare has conducted more than 35 plunges with the participation of over 2,000 community leaders to learn about the needs of our communities and find proactive ways to be part of the solution.

Major initiatives resulting from the CHAT model include:


Provides support of someone with lived addiction experience in life of an overdose victim.

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Common Ground

Engages the diverse faith communities in creating a healthier Fox Cities.

CHAT Initiative - Rural Health
Rural Health Initiative

Takes healthcare services to the farm in Shawano, Waupaca and Outagamie Counties.

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CHAT Initiative - NEW Mental Health Connection
NEW Mental Health Connection

Brings together 90+ mental health agencies and stakeholders to improve access to mental health services in the community.

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CHAT Initiative - Voices of Men
Voices of Men

Men taking responsibility for violence against women and children.

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CHAT Initiative - Make the Ride Happen
Make the Ride Happen

Arranges rides for seniors and others hampered by lack of transportation.

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