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Community Health

Unleashing the power of community to improve health

Taking health improvement beyond our walls

The best models today suggest that only 20% of health is created inside the walls of health care organizations. This means that 80% of health is a result of what happens in our homes, our workplaces, our schools, our faith institutions, our communities. (See graphic below).

What Creates Health

The bottom line is that ThedaCare cannot achieve its mission of improving health and wellbeing by providing healthcare services alone. We need to be engaged in our communities – in these same venues in which the majority of health is created – working arm-in-arm with education, public health, government and business leaders, cultural groups, nonprofit organizations, faith communities, philanthropy and residents to build health and well-being together.

ThedaCare and Community – Teaming up to building health and wellbeing

People living across our communities know their communities best. They understand the assets and the challenges people face every day. And, often times they have a pretty good idea of what needs to be done to make life better. That’s why our approach to improving community health and wellbeing is about studying health issues and figuring out solutions together, in partnership with the communities we serve. We do this in a variety of ways:

  • Community Health Acton Teams (CHAT)

Each region served by a ThedaCare hospital is host to a CHAT Team, which brings together community members across all sectors, including education, business, government, public health, healthcare, nonprofits, philanthropy, faith communities, and more, to study prioritized health issues and figure out solutions together.  Learn more here about our 6 CHAT teams and the amazing initiatives they’re creating.

  • Community Health Needs Assessments and Plans

Every three years, ThedaCare hospitals conduct assessments of the health and wellbeing of the communities we serve. We do these assessments in partnership with other heath systems, public health, our CHAT Teams, community members, and many other stakeholders vested in maintaining an incomparable quality of life in our region. You can view the current Community Health Needs Assessments and Plans for each hospital region here.

  • Sponsorships and Contributions

Many nonprofit organizations in our service area share ThedaCare’s mission of improving health and wellbeing. And, they do so by filling critical gaps of support needed in our community, such as shelter, nutritious food, domestic violence services, mentorship, childcare supports, and more.  ThedaCare provides small grants to help support these agencies. Learn more about our Sponsorships and Contributions application process here.

  • Team Member Volunteerism in the Community

ThedaCare Team Members are encouraged to give of their time in their communities. Spring and fall system-wide volunteer events tacking critical social needs of hunger and housing give everyone a chance to roll up their sleeves and improve community health outside of their “day jobs.” Learn more about our Team Member Volunteer Program here.

  • Community Benefit Reports

ThedaCare, along with all nonprofit hospitals in the US, are afforded the privilege of exemption from paying taxes by the IRS. However, in exchange, nonprofit hospitals are required to provide care for anyone regardless of ability to pay. They are also required to work to improve health in the communities they serve. Learn about how ThedaCare has fulfilled this important responsibility through our annual Community Benefit Reports found here.

  • United Way Support

ThedaCare is a major supporter of United Way and similar organizations that collectively address critical community needs and build health and wellbeing across our service area. Learn about ThedaCare’s history of United Way support here.