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Health Needs Assessments and Plans

Community Health Needs Assessments and Plans

Understanding the health of the community goes beyond data collection and analysis. It entails meeting face-to-face with and listening to the stories of people who live and work in the community, especially people whose voices may be easily overlooked.
In what ways are their lives becoming healthier? What stands in their way to achieving health and well-being? What do they need to enhance their ability to lead healthy lives? These are all important questions that, coupled with data, paint a picture of opportunity for action.

Every three years, ThedaCare conducts a Community Health Needs Assessment in partnership with Public Health and many other stakeholders to find answers to these questions. This enables us to focus our Community Health efforts where they matter most. Through a rigorous process that engaged more than 150 diverse community voices, three community health priority areas emerged – Mental Health and Substance Use; Social Needs, Strong Start to Life, and Regional Alignment.