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Serious pediatrician in medical mask discussing x-ray of spine with mother

Onsite Services

Access to quality medical care at work.

Convenient Care

The goal of the ThedaCare At Work onsite workplace clinic program is to get your employees back to work quickly following a minor injury or illness. Staffed by our dedicated ThedaCare providers, registered nurses, physical therapists and health coaches, your employees receive immediate access to medical care in a convenient setting so that your company can boost productivity and lower costs. For employees with chronic conditions, an onsite clinic provides early, easy support for controlling and improving health, saving you costs over time.

Our care providers have helped patients avert heart attacks, kidney failure and many other threatening health conditions by examining patients early and referring them to specialists before the condition worsens and care becomes critical. We also keep an employee’s primary care provider up-to-date with quick and convenient access to electronic medical records.

Onsite Clinic Services include:

  • Primary and urgent care
  • Support with goal-setting and preventative care
  • Prescriptions
  • Lifestyle medicine
  • Triage for critical care conditions
  • Orders for tests and follow up treatment
  • Advice for controlling and reducing your risk of chronic conditions
  • Care coordination to help you get the care you need
  • Occupational health and work-related injuries

Benefits of Onsite Clinics & Services

Fewer sick days and reduced medical costs: Employees will spend less time away from work by utilizing the onsite services provided by ThedaCare At Work.

Back on the job sooner: On average, a person takes two hours for a doctor appointment, including travel and wait times. With flexible 30 minute appointments at a workplace clinic, employees will get back to work faster.

Injuries treated onsite: Most injuries that happen at work can be treated onsite, reducing the need for costly trips to the emergency room.

Access to life-saving care: If an employee’s illness or injury is serious, we refer them to a specialist immediately. Our onsite providers have helped patients avoid many life-threatening conditions.

Medical records stay up to date: A confidential electronic medical record system allows onsite providers to access employees’ health information and share updates with their primary care team.