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Assist minors or other adults through proxy access

Proxy access lets you schedule appointments on behalf of other people, minors or other adults, and communicate with their health care providers.

How to set up Proxy Access

  • Choose Menu in the upper left corner, then Proxy Access to Other People.
  • Choose a minor’s record or another adult

For proxy access on behalf of minors for whom you are a parent or guardian, complete and submit the electronic form. Please note, current privacy laws significantly limit proxy access to teens’ health information from age 12-17, specifically around issues related to alcohol and other drug use, pregnancy, abortion, sexually transmitted infections, and transgender information. However, as a proxy, you will be able to schedule appointments online for your minor and complete many other helpful tasks.

For proxy access on behalf of another adult (to include your spouse, parent, or adult for whom you are legal guardian), print and submit the paper form to your own health care provider’s office so they can grant you access to the other adult’s record. This process requires the signature of the other adult.