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Mental Health Day Treatment

Develop healthy coping skills to regain confidence and control of your life.

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Want to Feel Like Yourself Again?

Perhaps your ability to function at work or home is declining and you’re feeling a loss of control over your life. Maybe your depression and anxiety is starting to interfere with your daily activities. Your physician or therapist may have recommended a more focused approach to your mental wellness. Whatever your reason for seeking help, we are here to support you.

The Mental Health Day Treatment program at ThedaCare is a structured, therapeutic program for adults who are having significant difficulties in life due to mental illness. The program provides general therapy, addresses symptoms and negative habits, and helps build coping life skills. Offering an outpatient approach, participants are able to attend each day and return home in the evening. Mental Health Day Treatment is often recommended as a transitional step after inpatient therapy or when weekly therapy sessions are not sufficient.