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Other Treatments & Therapies

Additional methods to aid in your recovery

A Holistic Approach to Cancer Treatment

In addition to surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, there are other treatments that your medical oncologist might recommend to support and accelerate the healing process. ThedaCare offers the following treatments and therapies.


There are a number alternatives to radiation therapy or traditional IV chemotherapy that may be used to treat your cancer.  Your oncologist may recommend these treatments as an alternative or in addition to traditional treatment methods.


Similar to chemotherapy, this treatment uses medicines that strengthen and stimulate the body’s immune system to slow, stop or kill cancer cells. 

Oral Agent Therapy

A type of chemotherapy taken by mouth in pill, capsule or liquid form, which allows patients to receive medicine in the convenience of their own home.

Hormone Therapy

Involves drugs that interfere with hormones, which affect cancers like breast and prostate, to stop or slow the growth of cancer, or prevent it from coming back.

Radionuclide Therapy

A mix of many different disciplines, including chemistry, physics, mathematics, computer technology and medicine, used to help diagnose and treat diseases, such as thyroid cancer.

Intraperitoneal Therapy

A type of chemotherapy reserved for stomach cancer patients, which involves administering medicine directly to the tissues inside your stomach, killing cancer cells and helping to shrink tumors.

Targeted Therapy

Uses special medicines to kill specific cancer cells by targeting and attaching to the proteins on the cancer cells’ surface, without damaging the normal cells around them.


Complimentary treatments and therapies are useful to help control certain symptoms and improve quality of life.  Because they are complimentary, they can be used safely, right along with your medical treatment.

Integrative Medicine

A healing-oriented approach focused on your total well-being, integrative medicine aims to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, such as nausea, fatigue and abdominal distress. You’ll receive individualized lifestyle recommendations for exercise, nutrition and stress management, as well as therapies like acupressure, guided imagery and massage therapy.

Lymphedema Management (Complete Decongestive Therapy)

A therapy focused on helping to manage pain, lower risk for infection, and reduce complications associated with chronic swelling that may result from breast removal or radiation therapy. It involves the use of compression bandages and garments, lymphatic drainage, skin and nail care, and therapeutic, muscle-building exercises.

Physical Therapy

A method for helping to relieve pain and restore long-term quality of life, often without the need for prescription medications.