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Mature Female Doctor Checking X-Ray With Mature Patient

Centers of Excellence

We give our patients access to world-class specialists, services and more.

Committed to Outstanding Care

ThedaCare provides comprehensive cancer care and hematological services to treat all types of cancer and blood disorders — a commitment supported through our Centers of Excellence. Centers of Excellence (CoEs) are defined simply as a team, facility or organization that provides leadership, best practices, research and training for a focus area. A tumor site-specific center of excellence is not just focused on the diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients—it focuses on the entire continuum of care as illustrated below:

ThedaCare Cancer Care is home to five tumor site-specific Centers of Excellence:

  • Hematologic Malignancies
  • Head and Neck Cancer
  • GI Cancer
  • Thoracic (Lung) Cancer
  • Breast Cancer

ThedaCare is currently evaluating the development of additional tumor site-specific CoEs including those dedicated to genitourinary, sarcoma, gynecological and skin cancers. We are also exploring additional supportive services for cancer patients, such as cardio-oncology which features collaboration between cancer specialists and cardiologists to screen, diagnose and optimize treatment of heart disease in cancer patients before, during and after cancer treatment.

Centers of Excellence Give Our Patients:

Access to World-Class Specialists 

Seeking treatment from an accredited program means patients will have access to world-class doctors, nurses and other professionals across many specialties (including our partners at Mayo Clinic) — all working together to bring the highest-quality, most comprehensive and specialized care possible. Each member of the multidisciplinary CoE care team — including the primary physician and partnering advanced practice clinicians — is specially trained and certified on the patient’s specific condition and work together to develop a focused and customized plan of care. ThedaCare also has a dedicated hematologic malignancy tumor board comprising a multidisciplinary team of hematologists, hematopathologists, palliative care and representatives from our clinical research team.

A Full Range of Services

Each CoE offers a full range of services tailored to meet patients’ needs, from wellness services and screenings to the most advanced care for the most severe cases. 

An Exceptional Patient Experience

From the start of a patient’s healthcare journey through treatment and into recovery, the CoE team will be at their side every step of the way.


CoEs have knowledgeable staff who can help to manage the logistics of treatment—such as coordinating with the multidisciplinary team to help schedule appointments, assist patients through the surgical and rehab process and answer questions along the way.

ThedaCare nurse navigators are the single point of contact who guide patients through the health care system and help them understand options, overcome barriers and make informed decisions about their treatment. This includes dedicated hematology navigators who help patients access several community resources and connect them with national groups.

Coordinated Care

When treating highly complex medical conditions, there are many benefits to having specialists work together. The coordination of care that happens at a CoE allows doctors and the care team (nurses, medical assistants, navigators, schedulers, etc) to easily exchange information, learn from one another and treat patients more holistically.

Focused Expertise

Getting care from a CoE team means that each member is focused solely on the patient’s specific disease, ensuring they maintain a singular focus at all times.