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Senior Care Services

Specialized care focused on seniors

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Quality, Convenient Care

Whether you are experiencing a short stay to recover from illness or injury, or are in need of long term care in a skilled nursing or assisted living community, ThedaCare’s Senior Living Services provides an extra layer of access and support to you or your loved one during their stay. With a personalized approach to care, our physicians and advanced practice clinicians follow you during your care journey, giving you access to ThedaCare’s convenient and quality experience 24/7.

Senior Care Service Benefits:

  • Provides personalized admission, follow-up, recurring, and discharge visits
  • Evaluates changes in condition with timely response and revisits care approach as appropriate
  • Care coordination with long-term care, geriatirc, chronic illness and post-acute expertise
  • Comprehensive review of medications and treatments
  • Reduces unwanted trips to the hospital or emergency room by providing 24/7 access to physician orders 
  • Facilitates effective discharge to primary care physician when stay in completed
  • Provides access to ThedaCare’s electronic medical record system ensuring continuity of care