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Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Helping you get back to life.

Your Partner In Recovery

Helping you return to your normal routine is our top priority. Our cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation specialists will help you get back to your active life by becoming your partner in wellness. With monitoring, customized plans and educational support, our specialists are here to guide you through your journey toward a healthy lifestyle.

Regain Your Strength

Major cardiac and lung problems, as well as subsequent surgeries and procedures, can take a toll on your body. It’s important to have the proper medical monitoring and guidance to strengthen your body and move forward with a life of healthy habits. Our cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation programs provide customized exercise and education to help patients maximize heart or lung function, no matter the severity of your condition.

Complete Medical Monitoring

Our team of specialists monitor you and your symptoms closely during your rehabilitation visit and offer guidance for medications, therapy, nutrition and treatment options to consider. In the event of emergency concerns, the staff will immediately contact your doctors. Our goal is to restore you with as much independence as possible, teaching important self-care techniques and providing strategies for managing your condition on a daily basis.

Custom Exercise Plans

ThedaCare creates an individualized treatment plan tailored to your fitness needs and goals. You will be encouraged to do only the level of activity that is right for you, with gradual progression based on how your body responds to activity. Our team will also advise on when to return to household and recreational activities, when to return to work, as well as on-going instructions for improving endurance and muscle strength through exercise.

Education & Support

Recovery brings anxiety and uncertainty in many areas of life, from lifestyle changes in diet and exercise to time away from work and financial concerns. We treat all areas of your recovery, from physical needs to your emotional and mental well-being. We educate on risk factors to reduce future heart and lung problems, healthy eating, medication management, stress management and relaxation. We also provide access to one-on-one behavioral health counseling and support groups.