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September 3, 2014

Workplace Wellness Gets Positive Response

More than 30 New London area business leaders attended a meeting in August aimed at introducing chief executive officers and human resource professionals to best practice principles of initiating and sustaining workplace wellness programs in their businesses.

More than 30 New London area business leaders attended a meeting in August aimed at introducing chief executive officers and human resource professionals to best practice principles of initiating and sustaining workplace wellness programs in their businesses.

“We think once businesses understand how to begin a workplace wellness program they are more likely to implement one,” said John Solberg, executive director, at Rawhide Boys Ranch, and the chairman of Workplace Wellness Initiative (WWI). “Workplace wellness is an important contributing factor to maintaining and retaining healthy employees. Providing wellness initiatives helps to restrain the rising cost of health insurance, increase productivity and contributes to a healthier community.” 

The Workplace Wellness Initiative launched from an event led by ThedaCare Medical Center-New London’s Community Health Action Team (CHAT), which seeks to address health issues in the rural communities throughout Waupaca County.

The August kick-off was organized by the WWI steering committee and included 23 big, medium and small businesses from the New London area. The case for implementing workplace wellness was presented and attendees learned about resources available to support them in implementing a wellness program. “In addition to our keynote speaker, two business leaders presented on how workplace wellness has worked in their workplace environment,” said Solberg. “The goal of the whole event was to increase the information and interest of those attending and continue to meet on a collaborative basis.”

A September and October meeting are on the calendar. “It’s really meant to be an informal environment to continue to coach and network area businesses to implement wellness programs in their workplace that bears fruit for the area businesses,” said Solberg.

He said workplace wellness programs can be low cost but have a high return. “It doesn’t cost businesses to participate in this initiative,” said Solberg. “This initiative will teach area employers what are the best practices to put in place and allow them to collaborate around a healthier workplace. In turn, we will have a healthier community.”

Solberg is enthused by the interest in the workplace wellness initiative. “I am encouraged by the ability we have to help employers break through the how and why around workplace wellness and create healthier businesses at the same time,” he said.

For more information about the workplace wellness initiative, contact John Solberg at

The next meetings are 3 p.m. Sept. 9 and Oct. 22 at the Pigeon River Room at ThedaCare Medical Center-New London.