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December 17, 2018


Meet Heather Hass, Outpatient and Emergency Department Registration

December 20, 2018

Hey – it’s Ms. ThedaCare!

Meet Heather Hass, Outpatient and Emergency Department Registration

Do you know where you were 23 years ago? Heather Hass remembers the year vividly. She started working for ThedaCare in New London in 1995 in the business office. She moved to her current registration role 11 years later and has been there ever since.

“There’s something special about small communities – people genuinely care about what happens to you,” said Hass. “That’s how I feel when I check someone into ThedaCare. I love to help make our patients feel comfortable. Sometimes they’re a little nervous, so I’m there to help calm them down. And sometimes we’re able to make them smile for a moment. That just makes my day.”

She also enjoys working with her team at ThedaCare Medical Center-New London.

“It’s such a great team and there’s so much variety in my job,” she continued. “We’re all there to help our patients, but we’re also there for each other. In the past, there have been times we’ve had to become very creative with our schedule due to staffing and family emergencies, and as a team we all pull together to cover the open shifts.”

Hass said that some people have suggested that she take another position within the company because of her knowledge and work with patients, but she loves working in the New London community.

“It’s like family,” said Hass. “We have an administration that supports our needs and patients who appreciate what we do for them. What more do you need?”

During a recent event in the New London community, someone said, “Hey, Ms. ThedaCare!”

It’s certainly a name that Heather Hass wears with pride. She encourages anyone who loves to work with patients and enjoys being part of a wonderful team to apply to ThedaCare.

“It’s the best decision I ever made.”