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October 20, 2017

Dans Story My Goal is to get this Cancer into Remission

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“Keep a positive attitude, always. No matter what”

“I was having stomach pain and thought it was an ulcer. So I changed my diet, lost some weight over the summer and started feeling better. But by hunting season, the pain was back and I was diagnosed with stomach cancer. A friend recommended Dr. Weiss. From the moment we met, I had a good feeling about him. He’s German, I’m German; with two Germans working together, how can you lose? We came up with a game plan right away.

“The first eight infusions were very aggressive, and everyone here has been wonderful helping me throughout this. I try to stay lighthearted by joking around a lot, so I’d like to think the nurses draw straws to see who’s going to get me when I’m in for treatments.

“I don’t want cancer or chemo to stop my lifestyle and I’ve been able to do that, thanks to a strong faith in God, and my wife and daughter who’ve been with me every step of the way. My goal is to get this cancer into remission, sell the newspaper I’ve operated since 1985, and get out and get some good years in with my family.”