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Lifestyle Intervention Program Instills Healthy Habits

Last updated: January 3, 2024

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar. You set a New Year’s resolution to better your health, but despite your best intentions, you slip back into old habits after just a few weeks.

If that’s the case for you, you’re far from alone. In fact, statistics show that more 90% of people abandon their resolutions after a short time.

Oftentimes, difficulty following through on goals stems from lack of a clear plan and support. The ThedaCare Lifestyle Intervention Program can provide both.

The program will teach you how to transform your life in a way that is attainable, practical, and fun. The experience includes nutrition education, hands-on cooking, a grocery store tour, and dining. It also offers training and practice in mindful living and movement.

Since its inception, the program has served more than 700 participants. Many have reported experiencing significant positive results, both physically and mentally.  

Program Overview

The Lifestyle Intervention Programis available to qualifying adults. You can schedule a free screening with a Behavioral Health Specialist to help you determine if the program is right for you.

Classes are held at the Lifestyle Building at 1602 N. Meade St. in Appleton, near the ThedaCare Regional Medical Center-Appleton campus. Watch for future sessions taking place in Shawano and Waupaca.

The 18-session series begins with classes held every Tuesday and Thursday for four weeks. They then taper down to once every other week for the remaining 10 classes. The full series of classes lasts for six months.

Our upcoming series of classes kicks off Tuesday, Jan. 30. A typical class includes movement, culinary/dining, nutrition, and mindful living.

The program costs $225 for ThedaCare patients and community members. Fees cover the entire program. Remember, this is an investment in your future.

Program highlights include:

  • 18 classes (17 of the 18 sessions run for three hours and include dinner)
  • Biometric and lab measurements throughout the program to track progress
  • One-on-one sessions with program facilitators
  • Group visits with the Lifestyle Medicine Medical Director (a physician) to review lab results
  • Nutrition 
  • Cooking classes (and you get to eat the meal!)
  • Movement 
  • Mindful living
  • Optional one-on-one health coach visits for additional guidance and support
  • Support groups
  • Alumni network
  • Book club
  • Group activities
  • Group challenges
  • Access to a wide range of additional offerings

Program Outcomes

Participants who follow the program see significant changes in their biometrics (weight, waist measurement, and blood pressure), lab values, and overall well-being.

On average, participants see:

  • Weight loss of 22 pounds; 38 pounds for those with a body mass index (BMI) of 40 or greater
  • Blood pressure reduction*: systolic 22/diastolic 11
  • Inflammation marker reduction*: 41%
  • LDL cholesterol reduction*: 39 points, or 22%
  • Triglycerides reduction*: 65 points or 30%
  • Hemoglobin A1C reduction:
    • 6.0 to 5.5 for pre-diabetes
    • 7.0 to 6.3 for diabetes

*High-risk group

Many people also experience:

  • Reduction in need for medications for blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, depression, and pain
  • Improved mobility
  • Better stress management
  • Enhanced mood and sleep

Quotes from Past Participants

  • “Do it! It is a warm, welcoming community with easy tips to change your lifestyle for the better. This is not a diet plan.”
  • “I have seen health improvements in my blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugars. I have gained valuable knowledge for meal planning, shopping, and cooking.”
  • “The program and presenters are wonderful and very supportive. I would highly recommend.”
  • “My testing numbers have gotten better. I’ve especially seen a drop in blood pressure and my A1C. I’ve also become more self-aware of my thoughts.”
  • “Reasonable weight loss, greatly improved sleep, digestive issues are nonexistent. Overall, I’m a happier person.”
  • “It’s great! You have to put the work in, but you will see positive results.”
  • “Blood sugar and cholesterol are down as well as my inflammation, tummy issues, and headaches.”

Get Started

2024 classes are open for registration. Now is your opportunity to take your personal wellness into your own hands with a supportive program guiding you along the way.

To learn more or register, please call (920) 454-7912 or email

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