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What the ThedaCare Neenah Campus Modernization Means for Patient Care

Last updated: April 7, 2023

It is exciting to see the enhancements taking shape with new areas that will advance coordinated care throughout the ThedaCare service area.

Lynn Detterman, Senior Vice President, ThedaCare South Region

We’ve come a long way since breaking ground last May on the $100 million modernization project at ThedaCare Regional Medical Center-Neenah. Any effort worth pursuing comes with some “growing pains,” but it’s gratifying to see the project begin to come together in substantial ways. That will only continue in the coming months.

In March, we reached a major milestone in the “Healthier Past; Inspired Future” project, with the opening of the updated emergency department. The new space includes a designated ED entrance, spacious waiting room, eight additional emergency care rooms and three triage rooms. The existing ED remained open during the initial construction process, and construction teams are now focusing on modernizing that space.

“We designed our constructions phases to ensure our teams could continue providing critical services for our patients and families,” says Lynn Detterman, Senior Vice President of ThedaCare South Region.

When all ED construction is complete, the space will feature 20 exams rooms, including specialized rooms for trauma and behavioral health. To allow teams to rapidly adjust and plan for future health care needs, the design plan also includes more negative pressure rooms, also called isolation rooms. These provide a safe space to care for those with an infectious illness.

The entire ED layout is focused on patient safety and quality of care. The health care team’s workstation will be located in the center of the area, with treatment rooms on the perimeter, giving teams a direct line of sight into each room.

“As we strive to understand the unique needs of the communities we serve, we recognized there is an increased demand for behavioral health support in the ED,” Detterman says. “The new space includes designated rooms for behavioral health services, keeping the safety of patients top of mind.”

More to Come

The modernization project is aimed at reducing cost, improving capacity, creating sustained operational efficiency for health care teams, and ultimately providing an exceptional patient experience. Physicians, clinicians and staff members contributed to the project’s design.

Coming highlights of the modernization include:

  • Relocating the ThedaStar Air Medical Program Helipad adjacent to the ED entrance, allowing for rapid transfer of patients to Trauma Services once they arrive, when time is critical.
  • Creating a spacious, modern physical therapy and occupational therapy suite.
  • Developing a new Women’s Center, which includes mammography, diagnostics and imaging, and bone density testing. The space will offer a comfortable area where women can feel confident in their personalized, proactive health care decisions.
  • Building a modern cardiac catherization laboratory and special procedure suite that’s integrated into the surgery department. This area includes diagnostic imaging equipment and technology to care for people with cardiovascular and stroke conditions.
  • Redesigning the inpatient behavioral health space to improve and expand access.
  • Creating “Main Street,” where key diagnostic outpatient services will be located on the first floor of the hospital to ensure easier patient access. 
  • Designing a new dining area on the main floor for the convenience of visitors and team members.
  • Updating the Family Birth Center, allowing families to welcome little ones into the world in a modern, comfortable and soothing environment.

These changes will continue to come to fruition in the coming months. The full modernization is expected to be complete in early 2024.

“We appreciate the community’s understanding as we work through construction at the Neenah campus,” Detterman says. “It is exciting to see the enhancements taking shape with new areas that will advance coordinated care throughout the ThedaCare service area.”

Generous Community Support

The modernization project at ThedaCare Regional Medical Center-Neenah was funded in part through donors who support the ThedaCare Foundation-Neenah.

The foundation worked with generous donors within the community to raise more than $15 million in philanthropic support. In addition, the foundation released $25 million from existing assets to provide a total of $40 million in support of the modernization project.

“ThedaCare is grateful to have caring, generous community members who support our mission of health and well-being,” Detterman says. “This project was made possible in part through their kind donations, and we are fortunate that they have joined us in building a healthier future for all.”

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