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Get to Know ThedaCare’s Newest Providers

Last updated: July 15, 2022

ThedaCare is thrilled to introduce our newest providers and learn what inspires them to improve the health and well-being of our patients and empower them to live their unique, best lives. Click on the provider’s name to learn more and schedule an appointment.

Shannon Andrews, N.P.

ThedaCare Physicians Senior Care Services 

“I chose a career in senior care because I enjoy listening to stories of their life experiences and journey. It’s rewarding to have the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in someone’s life.” 

Cassidy, Lloyd

Dr. Lloyd “Charles” Cassidy, M.D., J.D. M.A.

Family Medicine, ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano  

“I began studying medicine to help bring about a more equitable distribution of resources, to provide care to those who might not otherwise be able to access it, and to ease the financial burdens associated with health care. I chose to specialize in family medicine because that is the skill set most needed in remote, rural and international settings.” 

Dr. Jorge Darwich, M.D.

Pediatrician, ThedaCare Physician Pediatrics Appleton  

“I bring a sense of humor and good-natured playfulness into my patient relationships, and strive for good, open communication with parents.” 

Anthony Kunze, A.P.N.P.

Intensivist, ThedaCare Regional Medical Center-Appleton 

“My advanced training and experiences help me to make effective decisions when treating patients with life-threatening injuries and illnesses. I strive to ensure that the wishes and desires of those under my care are met in a reasonable manner.”

Trisha Loehrke, A.P.R.N.

Family Medicine, ThedaCare Physicians-Waupaca 

“Being able to see such a diverse population of patients and learn from each visit helps me as a provider ensure each patient is reaching their best quality of life. As a provider, I want to work with patients to ensure their health care goals are understood and accepted while using an evidence-based medicine approach.”

Dr. Kelly Mathes, D.O.

Family Medicine, ThedaCare Physicians-Neenah  

“I believe in patient-centered care — listening to patient needs, providing straightforward answers and involving them in all decisions about their health.”

Dr. Chelsey McNabb-Pender, M.D.

Internal Medicine, ThedaCare Physicians Internal Medicine-Appleton

“The relationship between a patient and a physician is one that comes with great responsibility and trust. I find it valuable to learn about my patients, not only in regard to medicine, but where they come from, what brings them joy, and what future goals they have.” 

Matthew Nelson, D.O.

Emergency Medicine, ThedaCare Medical Center-Waupaca

“Solving difficult problems, working as a team and providing life-saving emergency care are the things I like most about my job. Having a broad foundation of clinical knowledge combined with specialized training to quickly and efficiently meet the demands of patients is what drew me to work in the emergency field.” 

Nicole Benjamin Reddick, M.P.H, P.A.

Palliative Care, ThedaCare Cancer Care Center Neenah 

“In my role as a physician assistant, I have the honor of making a meaningful difference in the lives of family members and patients with chronic diseases and illnesses. As a compassionate and caring provider, patients can trust that I have their best interest at heart and will be their advocate throughout their treatments and therapy.” 

Dr. Nicole Ruske, M.D.

Family Medicine, ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano

“My favorite part of family medicine is getting to be present for so many different times of a family’s life. From delivering a new baby, to performing well-child visits and preventive care through adulthood, it is such a joy to get to know all members of the family and help them through various life stages.” 

Guoqing Song, P.A.

Orthopedic Surgery, ThedaCare Medical Center-Orthopedic, Spine and Pain

“Establishing and maintaining a rapport with my patients is an important part of my practice. I always put my patients’ needs as the top priority and seek the best possible treatment for them.” 

Dr. Patrick Terry, D.O.

Family Medicine, ThedaCare Physicians-Oshkosh

“I like to listen to my patients’ concerns and offer them options on how to move forward with their care. When my patients are engaged and active participants in the decision-making process, it makes for much happier and healthier patients.” 

Dr. Bentley Thomason, M.D.

Family Medicine, ThedaCare Medical Center-Shawano 

“From accompanying women through their pregnancy, delivery and beyond, to delivering babies and then watching them grow, I love being the doctor for your whole family. My goal is to start where you are now with your well-being and work together toward your health goals.” 

Stephen Umhoefer, A.B., M.S.E.

Licensed Professional Counselor, ThedaCare Behavioral Health 

“Everyone has the ability to grow and change, and that’s why I became a counselor. I wanted to be in a position to assist others in this process, and many have told me I have a calming presence.” 

David Wilson, P.A.C.

Orthopedic Surgery, ThedaCare Medical Center-Orthopedic, Spine and Pain 

“I help guide patients through the initial healing process and give them the personalized care they need for an orthopedic injury or illness. My combined background of acute medicine and orthopedic training allows me to treat patients immediately for same-day care.” 

Visit ThedaCare’s Provider Directory to find the right fit for you and your family. 

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