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Get to Know ThedaCare’s Newest Providers

Last updated: March 12, 2024

ThedaCare is thrilled to introduce our newest providers. Here, we learn what inspires them to improve the health and well-being of our patients, and empower them to live their unique, best lives.

Avery Allard, DNP

Nurse Practitioner, ThedaCare Urgent Care-Appleton and ThedaCare Physicians-Neenah

“My goal is to empower and motivate patients to lead the healthiest lives they can. I have received advanced trauma life support training and find great satisfaction in assisting in the urgent care environment.

“I enjoy having the opportunity to practice holistic, patient-centered care and educating patients regarding their health problems. Working in urgent care, I get to treat a variety of patients with different medical conditions every day.”

Andrea Aragon, BSN, MSN, FNP-C

Nurse Practitioner, ThedaCare Urgent Care-Appleton

“My philosophy of care is centered on active listening and empathy. By carefully listening to my patients’ concerns and needs, I am able to develop a personalized care plan that is tailored to their specific situation and is comfortable for them.

“What I find most fulfilling about my job is the opportunity to learn and grow every day. The field of health care is constantly evolving, and there is always something new to discover and incorporate into my practice to better serve my patients.”

Shannon Huettl, PA-C

Physician Assistant, ThedaCare Physicians-Neenah and ThedaCare Physicians-Oshkosh

“Approaching patient care with an open mind, I acknowledge and value the unique perspective each patient brings. My goal is to provide genuine care, demonstrating a sincere interest in the overall health of each patient I assist.”

Ameer Kabour, MD

Cardiologist and Senior Medical Director of Cardiovascular Services, ThedaCare Cardiovascular Care

“Patient education and spreading awareness about heart health and cardiovascular disease is important to me. Through educational initiatives, I help empower patients to make informed decisions about their lifestyles, potentially preventing cardiac problems before they arise. Having the opportunity to lead and be part of cutting-edge research initiatives within the cardiology field gives me great purpose and satisfaction.

“Complex procedures, structural heart interventions, and intricacies of cardiovascular care fascinate me. My interest in research motivated me to contribute to the advancement of cardiology and find innovative solutions to improve patient care.”

Emily Munig, PharmD, BS

Pharmacist, Encircle Health and ThedaCare Physicians-Black Creek

“I approach care by getting to know each patient and their unique lifestyle. Medications are crucial for managing chronic conditions, and it is essential that the patient agrees with the treatment plan and has a voice in determining how we address these conditions.

“The most fulfilling aspect of my job involves establishing one-on-one connections with patients, where we collaboratively make decisions regarding their care. Assisting them to achieve their health goals is important to me.”

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