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Get to Know ThedaCare’s Newest Providers

Last updated: January 9, 2024

Sara Aerts, APNP

Nurse Practitioner, Radiation Oncology, ThedaCare Cancer Care

“I take a holistic approach to patient care. I help patients comprehend their diagnosis and treatment by presenting information clearly, addressing their emotional needs with compassion, and educating them along their cancer journey.”

Jami Blachowski, APRN

Nurse Practitioner, ThedaCare Behavioral Health-Menasha

“I take a holistic approach to the care I provide. By collaborating with and learning more about my patients, I develop treatment plans tailored to the needs of each person.”

Joseph Bovi, MD, FACR

Radiation Oncologist, ThedaCare Cancer Care

“I appreciate the innovation and precision in the field of radiation oncology. We have an unprecedented ability to precisely target radiation, enhancing the effectiveness of our treatments while minimizing side effects.

“As a radiation oncologist, I have the privilege of collaborating with a dedicated and skilled team spanning various disciplines to provide comprehensive care for our patients.”

Eva Charlesworth-Seiler, PAC

Physician Assistant, ThedaCare Urgent Care-Appleton and ThedaCare Urgent Care-Neenah

“Understanding each patient as a person first is key to providing great care. I like to get to know my patients’ values and preferences. This helps me provide the best information to medically treat their issues.

“In the urgent care setting, I experience a variety of medical needs, and that helps keep me sharp. I enjoy the hands-on aspect of the job, whether it be providing sutures, casts, or anything in between.”

Heather Gallant, APRN, BSN

Nurse Practitioner, ThedaCare Physicians-Infectious Disease Appleton

“My approach to infectious disease care is three-tiered. I meet with patients to assess their illness status. I then attentively listen to their needs, desires, and goals to accurately tailor their care. Finally, I provide education and options to ensure they are well-informed about their health condition.

“I enjoy being able to connect with my patients while improving their health and quality of life so they can enjoy the people and things they love.”

Michelle Gerow, MD

Pediatrician, ThedaCare Physicians Pediatrics-Neenah

“When it comes to delivering outstanding pediatric care, I make it a point to understand the family’s goals. I offer up care options whenever possible and ensure they are aware of my commitment to valuing their input.

“I understand that welcoming a newborn into the family can be an overwhelming and exciting experience. Providing parents with the information and guidance they need to ensure the health and safety of their baby is very important to me.”

Tierra Simmons, MD

Psychiatrist, ThedaCare Behavioral Health-Menasha

“I am committed to providing a continuum of mental health care across generations, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds. As a mentor and advocate, I help patients navigate the complexities of mental health challenges.

“My approach to care can be described as equitable, ethical, and personalized. I base my decision-making on scientific evidence and established best practices, while acknowledging that health outcomes can be influenced by diverse individual factors.”

Glenn Vogelsang, MD, PhD, MS

Family Medicine Physician, ThedaCare Physicians-Oshkosh

“My primary focus is on complete physical and mental health care for patients in an outpatient setting. I offer a comprehensive approach and ensure my patients have a clear understanding of specific treatments and why they are needed. Working in family medicine has allowed me to gain experience in various areas like obstetrics, minor surgery, endoscopy, and orthopedic and dermatologic procedures.

“I appreciate the diversity and the capacity to assist patients in making more informed health care choices. I make it a priority to offer them the knowledge, resources, and guidance needed to make choices that align with their personal health goals and values.”

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