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Get to Know ThedaCare’s Newest Providers

Last updated: May 1, 2023

ThedaCare is thrilled to introduce our newest providers and learn what inspires them to improve the health and well-being of our patients and empower them to live their unique, best lives.

Jessica Baumbach, RN, MSN, APRN

General Surgery, Perioperative Medicine

“I often meet patients at a time when they are not feeling their best, either needing surgery or recovering from surgery. I enjoy educating patients about their diagnosis and explaining the surgery procedure and anticipated recovery process. I feel it is important to involve patients in identifying their needs, answering their questions and connecting them with the resources needed to help reduce stress and anxiety regarding procedures and recovery.”

Douglas Bell, MD

Psychiatry, ThedaCare Behavioral Health

“The best part about my job is having the opportunity to spend time with my patients and listen to their concerns. I also enjoy sharing educational insights with my colleagues and the community, helping promote growth and learning.

“I would describe my approach to care as ‘patient forward’ — listening to the patient’s history and then using my knowledge to show them a path of recovery and hope. I truly believe that it takes partnership and mutual respect in patient care to provide the most benefit.”

Aimee Meyer, PharmD

Ambulatory Care Clinical Pharmacist

“I enjoy providing patients with the information they need to make empowered decisions about their health. I also love celebrating with my patients when they reach their goals, whether it be blood pressure and blood sugar numbers or weight loss numbers.

“As a pharmacotherapy specialist, I am required to stay up to date with the most recent treatment guidelines and drug approvals. I find that blending guideline-based medication recommendations with specific patient preferences and lifestyle considerations most often leads to successful patient outcomes.”

Jeffrey Steffen, LCSW

Social Work, Mental Health Therapist, ThedaCare Behavioral Health

“I provide insight to patients addressing challenges and conflicts in their life and collaborate with them to develop skills for coping with or resolving issues.

“As a mental health therapist, I have specific training in trauma-informed care and crisis counseling. My background in social work has also provided additional experience in patient assessments, interventions and evaluations. My goal is to help people realize their true potential and assist them in moving toward daily goals to make positive changes in their lives.”

Janelle Vogler, PA, BS

Physician Assistant, ThedaCare Urgent Care-Appleton and ThedaCare Urgent Care-Neenah

“What I like most about urgent care is being able to provide rapid relief foe acute patient problems. I see a variety of patients who might need wound care, medical procedures, answers to prescription questions or sometimes just a listening ear.

“Coordinating care for a patient is a team effort, and I believe patients should play an active role on that team to determine what’s best for them. My job is to listen carefully, diagnose accurately and utilize evidence-based medical practice when making decisions.”

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