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4 months ago

3 Reasons to Go for a Walk Today

@thedacareofficial 3 reasons to go for a walk today 👇🏼 It’s great exercise! Even a 10-minute brisk walk outdoors promotes heart health, overall well-being, and immune function while easing joint pain. Walks improve your mental health! Combat the winter blues with daily exposure to natural light, boosting serotonin levels and lifting your mood. It’s fun! Connecting with nature fosters mindfulness, presence in the moment, and increases empathy. Plus it’s great to do with friends or family. Bonus: The mild Wisconsin weather helps! Save this post to remember and share to inspire others. At ThedaCare we are here for you. If you are experiencing S.A.D. or struggling with depression, schedule an appointment at ThedaCare Behavioral Health at today, or walk into our Behavioral Health Walk-In clinic in Neenah if you live nearby. * #thedacare #mentalhealthawareness #seasonaldepression #seasonaldepressionisreal #natureforlife #natureforwellbeing #getoutside #healthandwellness #goforahike #goforawalk #outside ♬ THE FINAL COUNTDOWN – ✯-Milan-✯

3 reasons to go for a walk today: It’s great exercise. Walks improve your mental health. It’s fun!

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