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A Message to School Personnel: We’re in This Together

Last updated: August 31, 2021

It takes a village.

That sentiment rings especially true for school nurses, administrators, educators, counselors and staff as they embark on yet another academic year impacted by COVID-19.

For that reason, ThedaCare clinicians and team members wanted to take a moment to remind school personnel throughout our service area they’re not alone – no matter what challenges the upcoming academic year brings.

“You are so appreciated and so very much loved,” said Teresa Nelson, Health Coach, ThedaCare At Work. “As you do go forward this next year, please remember that.” 

You are so appreciated and so very much loved.

Teresa Nelson, ThedaCare At Work

It’s no secret that schools have been hit particularly hard in the past year and a half. And while many may now be returning to in-person learning, they continue to face the profound challenge of protecting the physical – and emotional – health of students and staff. Implementing necessary safety protocols and precautionary methods amid ever-changing guidelines requires no shortage of innovation, but it’s clear the caregivers at our local schools have risen to the occasion.

“Throughout the pandemic, they have been the very definition of courage,” said Erica Stoger, APC with ThedaCare At Work.

Courage, indeed. School staff, particularly school nurses, have become a first line of defense in evaluating, testing and caring for COVID-19 positive students, as well as preventing further spread of the virus. All of this while continuing to advocate for and build important relationships with the students and their families.

As our communities continue to adapt to this unprecedented challenge, ThedaCare team members want to remind all the unsung heroes throughout our school districts that their invaluable commitment does not go unnoticed.

“Thank you for everything you do every day to make a difference in the lives of our kids and our communities,” said Kathryn Denney, APC, ThedaCare At Work. “We are so blessed by you all.”

Watch the above video to hear ThedaCare team members express their gratitude and support for all the hardworking school personnel across our communities.

ThedaCare works closely with partners throughout northeast and central Wisconsin to connect our youth with the best possible care. We recommend speaking with your child’s pediatrician or family doctor to learn more about resources near you.

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