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Foot & Ankle Conditions

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Ankle, foot and heel pain is common, but it doesn’t have to stop you from living an active lifestyle. Our team of orthopedic experts are well-versed in everything from achilles tears to ankle replacement; we provide the best treatment plan for you so you can start your pathway to recovery.

Conditions & Injuries

Feet and ankles are complex body parts that often suffer from overuse and a lifetime of wear and tear. Common problems include:

Pains & Sprains

Sprains and strains occur when muscles or other soft tissues near your bones stretch or tear, often causing bruising, swelling and pain. Treatment is typically non-invasive, but healing requires time, patience and rest.

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Bunions & Hammertoe

Often associated with arthritis or the result of wearing confining or ill-fitting footwear, bunions and hammertoes are bone or tissue that form around the toe joint causing pain and swelling. Medication and padding can provide relief, but surgical removal may be necessary in severe cases.

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Affecting mostly middle-aged and older adults, osteoarthritis is a long-term, degenerative joint disease, causing joint stiffness, restrained movement, and an inability to bear weight. In addition to age, risk can be heightened by heredity, extra weight or injury. Treatment options vary widely based on severity.

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Abnormalities & Deformities

Feet are subject to structural, infectious and systematic changes that may result in a number of painful and unsightly conditions. Ranging from athlete’s foot to calluses and more, medical intervention to these conditions can improve mobility and healing.